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The National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies in the Unified Health System (CONITEC) is the body responsible for assisting the Ministry of Health in the process of inclusion, exclusion, or modification of health technologies in the SUS and also in the elaboration or revision of Clinical Protocols and Guidelines Therapeutics (PCDT).

Aware of the importance of incorporating medicines and other health technologies within the scope of the SUS, Conitec aims to promote access and rational use of safe and effective technologies that can meet the different clinical needs of the population.

Responsible for elaborating or updating all PCDTs available in the SUS. For this, a commission uses available scientific evidence on efficacy, accuracy, safety, follow-up, and cost to formulate guidelines on health interventions.

Since its creation by Law 12,401 of April 28, 2011, Conitec has been responsible for proposing the update of the National List of Essential Medicines (Rename). Rename includes medicines and supplies available in the SUS, certain drugs for hospital use, and other health supplies.

Multicare advises its commercial partners in preparing their access and price plans, sharing the knowledge accumulated over its 38 years of history, maximizing opportunities, and ensuring the best price.

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