We’re able to provide product licensing and distribution services to laboratories that include drugs for rare or highly complex diseases in their portfolio.

At Multicare, we make the future possible.

We’re leading the way by providing access to innovative, life-saving medicines for people throughout the globe. We are the experts behind the solutions that are delivering more health to rare patients all over Brazil.

We understand the difference that fast and secure delivery can make. With 37 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market, we have become a leader in the field of rare and highly complex diseases over the last decade. Longevity and consistency that reinforce the knowledge and integrity of our group.

We’re at work around the clock to identify innovations that will have an impact on patient care in the future. Our medications are high-tech originate from contracts with leading multinational firms in the industry. By ensuring safety, speed and quality throughout the process, we can help you attain the solution you need for a better life.



Businessman Sergio Braga opens a small pharmacy in the Boa Viagem neighborhood in Salvador, Bahia.


Expressa Distribuidora is founded, thereby launching the drug distribution business.


Multicare is established, with headquarters in the USA and Brazil, focused on otherwise underserved patients.


After selling Expressa Distribuidora, the group is able to concentrate more on the rare and highly complex disease market with Multicare.


LATAM Expansion – Multicare makes the decision to spread its business throughout Latin America, with the overriding mission of providing an increasing number of people access to innovative treatments.


Operating in the healthcare market means assuming an immense responsibility over your activities.

Life is the most precious asset of a society, and its preservation is the collective goal of healthcare companies, institutions and professionals. In addition to providing top-notch service, principles are also required that can help guide our actions towards the sustainable development of the market, the people involved in our business and society as a whole.


Download our Code of Conduct and become familiar with the high ethical standards that drive our company.


The products we deliver come from partnerships with leading multinationals companies to make sure that our customers are assisted and supported in the best possible way, applying control and quality assurance in all processes.